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UAE News: United Arab Emirates Launches National Genome Strategy

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UAE News: United Arab Emirates Launches National Genome Strategy


International News: The UAE has launched its National Genome Strategy, which aims to provide a comprehensive legislative and governance framework to support the development and implementation of genomic programs. The strategy will last ten years and will focus on delivering public health priorities while improving the country’s well-being.The Emirates Genome Council, which was established in 2021, will oversee the National Genome Strategy. The council has made significant progress in laying the groundwork for regulatory, research, technological, and medical institutions to connect, collaborate, and develop high-quality medical applications and services.
The Emirati Genome Program is considered one of the most comprehensive genomic initiatives in the world and will advance the nation’s preventive and personalized healthcare agenda as it collaborates with research and medical institutions across the UAE. The program aims to collect one million samples nationwide and currently contains whole genome sequencing data from around 400,000 citizens.The National Genome Strategy will support efficiency in the country’s healthcare sector through preventive medicine programmes that will focus on genetic risk, and precision medicine programmes that target genetic and rare diseases. It will also support doctors in taking proactive steps to reduce the prevalence of certain diseases, enable early intervention, and help to identify the most effective treatments. As a result, genomic sciences will reduce health sector costs and drug expenditures over the long term.
Genome programmes will also help create new economic opportunities in the UAE by attracting partnerships in fields such as artificial intelligence, advanced medical care, pharmaceuticals, and research and technology. It will also nurture specialised local talent, as well as create jobs and other opportunities in future-focused industries.
The launch of the strategy was attended by President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed emphasized that the priority is to ensure the best healthcare and quality of life for UAE citizens. Meanwhile, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum highlighted the country’s position as a hub for advanced healthcare research, innovation and future technology use.

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