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G-20: Meeting of Chief Scientific Advisors in Uttarakhand

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G-20: Meeting of Chief Scientific Advisors in Uttarakhand


Scientific News: The Chief Scientific Advisors of the G-20 and invited countries are discussing various scientific ways and means to tackle the emerging health and other issues in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. Started on 29th March, representatives of 13 major organisations of the world and nine friendly countries are also participating in the meeting. The delegates are brainstorming on the measures for disease control and better preparedness to deal with the epidemic. The agenda of the meeting also includes the ways to make science-related information accessible and free among other issues.

The issues also include discussing the measures to reach everyone in a quick way, and coordination between world-class efforts in science and technology domain. Developing a global policy on diversity, equality, and inclusion in the region, is also a part of the debate process. Apart from this, experts are also brainstorming on strengthening the global science advisory system to verify the traditional knowledge and its proper scientific verification, reported the HS.

Chief Scientific Advisors are also discussing issues of mutual interest on SDGs (Substantial Development Goals) related to science and technology. India will discuss its six points of priority so that foreign delegates can know its intentions.

Earlier, the office of Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India organised a curtain raiser event for the forthcoming Chief Science Advisers Roundtable (G20-CSAR). Advisors are supposed to drive the science related policy choices by providing evidence-driven science advice. The overarching and cross-cutting nature of the Science Advice Mechanism enables to build synergy among various sectors, and as a catalytic tool to achieve solutions to some of the complex, multidimensional and transdisciplinary issues.

G20-CSAR is a government-to-government level initiative conceptualised under the India’s G20-Presidency. The motivation of this initiative is to bring together the Chief Science Advisers to deliberate upon and develop collaborative frameworks for some of the common pressing global science and technology (S&T) policy issues. This initiative will also help in establishing an effective and coherent global science advice mechanism.

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